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Figure 3

From: Characterization of abnZ2 (yxiA1) and abnZ3 (yxiA3) in Paenibacillus polymyxa, encoding two novel endo-1,5-α-l-arabinanases

Figure 3

Multiple sequence alignment of AbnZ2 (YxiA1) and AbnZ3 (YxiA3) with some GH43 endo-arabinanases. AbnZ2 (YxiA1) and AbnZ3 (YxiA3) was compared with endo-1,5-α-l-arabinanase from B. subtilis 168T+ (AAV87172 and NP391812.2), C. japonicus (CAA71485), G. stearothermophilus (B3EYM8), A. niger (P42256), A. aculeatus (Q9HFS9), and P. chrysosporium (AFN42888). The catalytic residues are marked with asterisks. Residues that are identical in all sequences are shaded in grey.

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