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Table 3 Ethanol production in SHF process using crude fungal enzymes and P. stipitis with pretreated WHB at 96 h

From: Sustaining ethanol production from lime pretreated water hyacinth biomass using mono and co-cultures of isolated fungal strains with Pichia stipitis

Sample (s) Ec Ep Ey Esy ETE
S 1 14.3c ± 0.12 0.24a ± 0.09 0.143c ± 0.11 0.322c ± 0.11 0.261c ± 0.11
S 2 12.8d ± 0.13 0.21a ± 0.17 0.128d ± 0.08 0.299d ± 0.08 0.243d ± 0.17
  1. Ec, ethanol concentration (g L−1); Ep, ethanol productivity (g L−1 h−1); Ey, ethanol yield (g g−1 WHB); Esy, specific ethanol yield (g g−1 sugar); ETE, theoretical yield (g g−1 WHB); S1, hydrolysate from T. reesei; S2, hydrolysate from F. oxysporum. Values are the mean of three replicates ± SE. Mean followed by the same letter within treatment do not differ significantly (p = 0.05).