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Table 2 FTIR absorption peaks and characteristic bonds and biomass component [30, 53, 54]

From: Comparison of steam-assisted versus microwave-assisted treatments for the fractionation of sweet sorghum bagasse

Biomass component Absorption peak  
Wavenumber (cm−1) Characteristic bond and movement  
Hemicellulose 1737 C=O stretching
1056 C–O stretch
1235 C–O stretch
1375 C–H deformation
Lignin 1636 C=O stretching
1516 Phenyl ring stretching
1218 C–O of guaiacyl ring
1268 C–O of guaiacyl ring
1315 C–O of syringyl ring
1329 Guaiacyl and syringyl condensed
1502–1600 Aromatic skeletal vibration
1235 C–O stretch
Cellulose 1158 C–O–C stretching
900–901 Amorphous cellulose
1033 C–O stretching at C6
1061 C–C stretching
1114 C–O stretching at C3
1056 C–O stretch
1428 Crystalline cellulose