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Table 3 The ΣFIC index mean of Ag-NPs with four antibiotics against three test bacterial strains

From: Synergistic antibacterial and antibiofilm activity of silver nanoparticles biosynthesized by lignin-degrading fungus

  S. aureus E. coli P. aeruginosa
E. nidulans A. flavus E. nidulans A. flavus E. nidulans A. flavus
AMI 0.713PS 0.563PS 0.351S 0.051S 0.887PS 0.859PS
KAN 0.726PS 0.258S 0.716PS 0.523PS NDA 0.945PS
OXY 0.55PS 0.231S 0.963PS 0.712PS NDA 0.841PS
STR 0.509PS 0.129S 0.364S 0.332S 0.679PS 0.687PS
  1. PS partial synergistic, S synergistic, A antagonism, ND not detected