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Table 2 Qualitative evaluation of the decolorizing ability in the selected fungal strains

From: Degradation and detoxification of synthetic dyes and textile industry effluents by newly isolated Leptosphaerulina sp. from Colombia

Isolate Dye
Turquoise Blue Remazol Black Novacron Red
LVN 6 Medium High Medium
LVN 35 Low Low Absence
LVN 44 Low Low Absence
LVN 45 Low Low Absence
LVN 48 Low Absence Absence
LVN 49 Medium Absence Absence
LVN 52 Absence Medium Absence
LVN 54 Medium Low Absence
LVN 61 Medium Absence Absence
LVN 63 Low High Medium
LVN 71 Low Low Absence
LVN 72 Low Absence Absence
LVN 74 Low Medium Absence
LVN 80 Low Medium Medium
LVN 88 Absence Medium Low