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Table 5 Kinetic models for the biosorption of Cu2+ on Oxalic acid modified and raw Saccharum officinarum biomas

From: Bioremediation of Cu(II) contaminated water by Saccharum officinarum: effect of oxalic acid modification on equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic parameters

Isotherm name Isotherm model Parameters
Pseudo first order \(Q_{t} = Q_{e} (1 - e^{{( - k_{1} t)}} )\) Q e and k 1
Pseudo second order \(Q_{t} = \frac{{Q_{e}^{2} k_{2} t}}{{(1 + Q_{e} k_{2} t)}}\) Q e and k 2
Elovich \(Q_{t} = \frac{1}{\beta }\ln (\alpha \beta t)\) α and β
Avramin \(Q_{t} = Q_{e} (1 - e^{{( - k_{av} t)^{{n_{av} }} }} )\) K av and n av
Intraparticulate model \(Q_{t} = K_{id} t^{0.5} + C_{i}\) K id and C i