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Table 2 Material and energy values for PHAs production

From: Preliminary integrated economic and environmental analysis of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) biosynthesis

 Electricity (MJ)a 648
 Air (kg) 19.4
 Water (kg) 3.5
Carbon source
 Crude glycerol (kg) 105
 Pure glycerol (kg) 105
 Soybean oil (kg) 175
 Waste cooking oil (kg) 175
 Na2HPO4 (kg) 23.45
 KH2PO4 (kg) 5.25
 (NH4)2SO4 (kg) 8.75
 MgSO4 (kg) 0.7
 CaCl2 (kg) 0.035
 Trace mineral salts (kg) 0.25
PHB products
 Crude glycerol (kg) 87.54
 Pure glycerol (kg) 108.75
 Soybean oil (kg) 72.56
 Waste cooking oil (kg) 38.68
Solid waste (biomass)
 Crude glycerol (kg) 40.29
 Pure glycerol (kg) 38.01
 Soybean oil (kg) 56.88
 Waste cooking oil (kg) 83.44
  1. aEnergy requirement by fermenter is assumed as 0.5 kW/m3 (Harding et al. 2007)