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Table 2 Morphological and biochemical characterization of isolates DAB-1Y and DAB-1W

From: Degradation study of lindane by novel strains Kocuria sp. DAB-1Y and Staphylococcus sp. DAB-1W

Characters Observation Characters Observation
Morphological Isolates Biochemical characteristics Isolates
Cell shape Rods in chains Rods Citrate utilization +
Gram straining + + Lysine +
Colony morphology on NA plates Yellow smooth White smooth Ornithine +
Pigmentation Yes No Urease +
    TDA +
Physiological parameters    Nitrate reduction +
Growth at 4 °C NA No H2S-production +
Growth at 8 °C Y No Glucose + +
Growth at 25 °C Y Y Adonitol
Growth at 45 °C Y Y Lactose
Growth with 1% NaCl Y Y Arabinose +
Growth with 5% NaCl YYY Y Sorbitol +
Growth with 7% NaCl Y Y Starch hydrolysis Y N
Growth with 10% NaCl Y No Cell motility (by hanging drop method) Y N
Growth with 12% NaCl No No Gelatin hydrolysis Y N
Growth at pH 2 No No    
Growth at pH 4 No No    
Growth at pH 5 YYY Y    
Growth at pH 7 Y Y    
Growth at pH 8 Y Y    
Growth at pH 9 No Y    
Growth at pH 11 No No