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Table 8 Results of the kinetics of growth and lipase production in stirred tank

From: Hydrolysis of carotenoid esters from Tagetes erecta by the action of lipases from Yarrowia lipolytica

  X a0 g/L X amax g/L Enzyme units (40 h) U/L µ h−1 Y p/x U/g
Average of three experiments 0.44 8.97 1598 (163.9)b 0.236 113.8c
  1. aThe data of X 0 and X max were calculated from the numerical solution of the logistic model applied to the average of three experimental runs
  2. bThe detected amount of enzyme units is shown as mean (SD) with n = 3
  3. cThe specific yield, or specific productivity, in terms of biomass (Y p/x) was calculated as described in the “Methods” section