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Fig. 1

From: Online flow cytometry, an interesting investigation process for monitoring lipid accumulation, dimorphism, and cells’ growth in the oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica JMY 775

Fig. 1

a Optic microscopy images (100×) after 48 h of culturing, showing the presence of protrusions on surface of Y. lipolytica cell. Yeast culture was carried out in bioreactor containing YPD medium enriched with oleic acid (YPDOA), at 28 °C, pH 6.0 and dissolved oxygen limitation. b Optic microscopy image (100×) showing lipid bodies within Y. lipolytica cells, after 24 h of culturing in YPDOA. Culture was carried out in bioreactor, at 28 °C, pH 6.0, without dissolved oxygen limitation. c Fluorescence microscopy image (100×) showing high intracellular lipid accumulation in a cell of Y. lipolytica. Intracellular lipids were revealed with Nile-red staining; as well intracellular assimilated lipid displayed a red fluorescence. Sampling was carried out after 30 h of culturing in bioreactor at 28 °C, pH 6

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