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Fig. 11

From: Online flow cytometry, an interesting investigation process for monitoring lipid accumulation, dimorphism, and cells’ growth in the oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica JMY 775

Fig. 11

Monitoring culture parameter effect on cell shape changes reviled by online flow cytometry and optic microscopy. a Flow cytometry analyses corresponding to the samples displayed in panel B, reviling different morphotypic sub-populations in each bioreactor (results were displayed on Forward Scatter Air/Forward Scatter Height (FSC-A/FSC-H) dot-plot on the basis of 40,000 events). b Optic microscopy images (40×) showing the yeast Y. lipolytica JMY775 under different shapes for different bioreactor operating conditions (control bioreactor: optimized culture operated with optimized dissolved oxygen and pH controls; dissolved oxygen limitation-bioreactor: culture operated with dissolved oxygen limitation and controlled pH; and pH-drop bioreactor: culture operated without pH control but also without oxygen limitation). For each condition, cells have been sampled at different time intervals

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