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Fig. 5

From: Online flow cytometry, an interesting investigation process for monitoring lipid accumulation, dimorphism, and cells’ growth in the oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica JMY 775

Fig. 5

Monitoring culture parameter effect on lipid accumulation in Y. lipolytica JMY775 reviled by online flow cytometry and fluorescent microscopy analyses. a Results corresponding to the samples displayed in panel b (FL3-A: red fluorescence intensity proportional to Nile-red staining; SSC-A: side scatter intensity). b Microscopy images (40×) showing the lipid accumulation in the yeast for different bioreactor operating conditions (control bioreactor: culture operated with dissolved oxygen and pH controls; dissolved oxygen bioreactor: culture operated with dissolved oxygen limitation; and pH bioreactor: bioreactor operated without pH control). For each condition, cells have been sampled at different time intervals and stained with Nile-red

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