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Table 3 16S rDNA gene sequence obtained from the pretreated wastewater by white rot fungi in this study

From: Fungal pretreatment of raw digested piggery wastewater enhancing the survival of algae as biofuel feedstock

Clone No. Best match database (Accession) Similarity (%) Environmental functions References
S1 Bacteroides sp. (AB596884.1) 99 Break down macromolecules in anaerobic digesters Auerbach et al. (2007)
S2 Cloacibacterium normanense (LN613116.1) 100 Anaerobic, rod-shaped bacterium to recycle fibers Ntougias et al. (2015)
S3 Petrimonas sulfuriphila (NR_042987.1) 100 Exist in removal process of ammonium in the wastewater Nakasaki et al. (2009)
S4 Flavobacterium cucumis (KF261012.1) 100 Degrade potentially toxic compounds Spain et al. (2007)
S5 Achromobacter sp. (LK936601.1) 100 The ammonia and nitrite oxidizing bacteria Honda and Osawa (2002)
S6 Xenophilus sp. (KC010298.1) 98 Nitrification treatment of methane fermentation digestion Qiao et al. (2010)
S7 Dechloromonas sp.(EF632559.1) 97 Degrade phenol and benzene Spain et al. (2007)
S8 Stenotrophomonas sp. (EF221774.1) 100 Efficiently degrade NO3–N in semi-anaerobic condition Yu et al. (2009)
S9 Uncultured Bacteroidetes bacterium (KF630625.1) 99 Remove ammonium in the wastewater Zhou et al. (2010)
S10 Alcaligenes sp. (FR745404.1) 99 Relatively high ammonium removal potential Spain et al. (2007)
S11 Bacillus sp. (KC430992.1) 100 Remove ammonium in the wastewater Zheng et al. (2011)
S12 Castellaniella defragrans (FJ982930.1) 100 Degrade phenol and benzene Spain et al. (2007)
S13 Denitrobacter sp. (EF471227.1) 99 Degradation of wood and cycling of nitrogen and sulfur Lu et al. (2003)
S14 Magnetospirillum sp. (KM289194.1) 100 Contribute to the global iron cycle Matsunaga et al. (2005)
  1. Environmental functions were derived from literature