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Table 4 Other examples of enzymatic reactions in DESs

From: Recent progress on deep eutectic solvents in biocatalysis

Catalyst DES Substrate Comments References
Haloalkane dehalogenases ChCl/EG (1:2) 1-Iodohexane Improved enzyme thermostability and substrate solubility Stepankova et al. (2014)
Benzaldehyde lyase ChCl/Gly (1:2) Butyraldehyde; valeraldehyde; benzaldehyde; 2-furaldehyde Improved e.e. Maugeri and Domínguez de María (2014)
Phospholipase D ChCl/EG (1:2) Phosphatidylcholine with l-serine >90% yield of phosphatidylserine Yang and Duan (2016)
Diglycosidase ChCl/Gly (1:2); ChCl/EG (1:2) Hesperidin Enhanced substrate solubility Weiz et al. (2016)
Horseradish peroxidase; cytochrome c ChCl or EAC with U, Gly and EG (1:1.5,1:2) Guaiacol Enhancing the functional stability of protein Papadopoulou et al. (2016)
Chondroitinases ABCI ChCl/Gly (1:2) Chondroitin Improving thermal stability remarkably Daneshjou et al. (2017)
β-d-glucosidase ChCl/EG (2:1) Daidzin Application of DES in the synthesis of bioactive compound Cheng and Zhang (2017)
Bovine liver catalase ChCl/EG (1:2) Hydrogen peroxide DES could change the Km and Kcat of enzyme in DES-containing solution. Structure test found that the 3D structure was influenced by the addition of DES Harifi-Mood et al. (2017)