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Table 5 Studies on production of enzymes by microorganisms using agro-industrial wastes

From: Agro-industrial wastes and their utilization using solid state fermentation: a review

Substrates Enzymes Microorganisms Source
Papaya waste α-Amylase A. niger Sharanappa et al. (2011)
Groundnut oil cake (GOC) Lipase C. rugosa Rekha et al. (2012)
Wheat bran and orange peel Pectin methyl esterase P. notatum Gayen and Ghosh (2011)
Linseed oil cake (LOC) Lipase P. aeruginosa Dharmendra (2012)
Orange peel α-Amylase A. niger Sindiri et al. (2013)
Coconut oil cake (COC) α-Amylase A. oryzae Ramachandran et al. (2004)
Rice bran α-Amylase Bacillus sp. Sodhi et al. (2005)
Corn bran α-Amylase Bacillus sp. Sodhi et al. (2005)
Rice bran, wheat bran, black gram bran, and soybean α-Amylase A. niger Akpan et al. (1999)
Fruits peel waste Invertase A. niger Mehta and Duhan (2014)