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Table 2 Tolerance improved strains obtained by forward genetics approaches

From: Progress and perspective on lignocellulosic hydrolysate inhibitor tolerance improvement in Zymomonas mobilis

Parental strain Technique(s) Mutant(s) Improved phenotype References
ZM4 ALE ZMF3-3 Cell growth, glucose utilization, and ethanol yield under 3 g/L furfural Shui et al. (2015)
ZM4 ALE ZMA7-2 Cell growth and glucose utilization under 7 g/L acetic acid Shui et al. (2015)
8b ALE #7 Sugars utilization and ethanol production in corn stover liquor Mohagheghi et al. (2014)
8b ALE SS3 Xylose utilization and ethanol yields using corn stover hydrolysate Mohagheghi et al. (2015)
ZM4 NTG mutagenesis ZM482 Molasses utilization and ethanol productivity Rogers et al. (1984)
ZM4 NTG mutagenesis AcR Ethanol productivity and rate under 20 g/L sodium acetate Joachimsthal et al. (1998)
ZM4 NTG mutagenesis ZM401 Cell growth, glucose utilization, and ethanol production under 10.5 g/L acetic acid or 1.0 g/L vanillin Lee et al. (1982); Zhao et al. (2014)
ZM4 Transposon mutagenesis ZMT2 Sugar conversion rate to ethanol under 2% NaCl stress Wang et al. (2016)
ZM4 NTG mutagenesis and ALE ZMNTG6014 Performance under acetic acid (1.4 or 1.6%) Wang (2008)
ZM481 NTG mutagenesis and ALE ZMA-142, ZMA-167 Glucose utilization and ethanol production under 244 mM sodium acetate Liu et al. (2017)
33C Transposon mutagenesis and ALE OEL19, 22, 23, 26, 31 Cell growth under 2-4 g/L furfural Yang et al. (2014b)
ZM4 gTME (error-prone PCR) MF1, 2, 3 Glucose utilization under 3 g/L furfural Tan et al. (2015)