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Fig. 2

From: Electricity generation potential of poultry droppings wastewater in microbial fuel cell using rice husk charcoal electrodes

Fig. 2

Effect of dilution of raw wastewater on current density and CH4 gas evolutions. a Current density evolution in MFC 2. Electrodes: (black square) RHCE, (white square) CCE; b methane gas production in MFCs. CCE; (white square) MFC 1, (Greek capital letter delta) MFC 2. RHCE; (black square) MFC 1, (white circle) MFC 2. The peak volumetric current density observed for RHCE-MFC 2 was 12.3 A m−3 while the peak current density for CCE-MFC 2 was 5.3 A m−3 (a). The peak methane gas concentration for CCE-MFC 2 was 2.9 mM while that of RHCE-MFC 2 was 1.2 mM (b)

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