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Fig. 3

From: Electricity generation potential of poultry droppings wastewater in microbial fuel cell using rice husk charcoal electrodes

Fig. 3

Cyclic voltammograms of anodic biofilms of MFCs on day 40. RHCE: (black line) MFC 1, (red line) MFC 2, (blue line) MFC 3. CCE: (green line) MFC 2. The peak areas, amongst the MFC treatments are shown in the following order: RHCE- MFC 2 (red line) > RHCE-MFC 3 (blue line) > RHCE-MFC 1 (black line) > CCE-MFC 2 (green line). The peak redox areas of RHCE-MFC 1 (black line) and CCE-MFC 2 (green line) showed poor electrochemical activities

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