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Fig. 1

From: Improved methanol-derived lovastatin production through enhancement of the biosynthetic pathway and intracellular lovastatin efflux in methylotrophic yeast

Fig. 1

The scheme of biosynthetic pathway assembly for lovastatin production. LovB and NpgA, combined with LovC, are responsible for the synthesis of dihydromonacolin L (DML) acid. LovG promotes the release of DML from the LovB–LovC PKS system. DML is then modified by sLovA-CPR through hydroxylation and dehydration to produce monacolin L (ML) acid and monacolin J (MJ) acid. The α-methylbutyryl side chain is synthesized by LovF and is transferred to MJ acid by sLovD to produce lovastatin (LV)

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