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Fig. 5

From: 2-Hydroxy-4-(3′-oxo-3′H-benzofuran-2′-yliden)but-2-enoic acid biosynthesis from dibenzofuran using lateral dioxygenation in a Pseudomonas putida strain B6-2 (DSM 28064)

Fig. 5

Biosyntheses of HOBB in batch and fed-batch processes. DBF degradation (open square) and HOBB accumulation (closed square) were evaluated in the two groups. a For the batch group, the biocatalysts were recycled twice, so that there were three sequential batch processes. The initial DBF concentration was 0.5 mM. After DBF was almost completely degraded at 8.5 h, bacteria were recycled by centrifugation and reused for another batch biosynthesis with 0.4-mM DBF. When almost no DBF was degraded, bacteria were reused again for another batch biosynthesis with 0.3-mM DBF. b For the fed-batch group, the same concentrations of DBF were added directly into the reaction systems at the same time as batch group

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