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Fig. 3

From: In silico reconstruction and experimental validation of Saccharopolyspora erythraea genome-scale metabolic model iZZ1342 that accounts for 1685 ORFs

Fig. 3

Sensitivity analysis of different model parameters by the model iZZ1342. The effects of each parameter when changing the specific growth rate (A1–F1) and the specific oxygen uptake rate (A2–F2) with iZZ1342. The simulations were performed in the glucose-limited condition by varying the protein content (22.8–68.4%). a The RNA content (4.9–14.7%), b the DNA content (2.2–6.6%), c the cofactor content (1.5–4.5%), d the GAM content (16–48 mmol ATP/gDCW h), e the NGAM content (1.25–3.75 mmol ATP/gDCW h), f red represents the simulated results of the high value of the input parameter and black represents the lower value

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