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TableĀ 2 Transformation of S. oneidensis MR-1 for over-expression of GFP with different ori and promoter

From: Turn on the Mtr pathway genes under pLacI promoter in Shewanella oneidensis MR-1

Plasmids Ori Size (bp) Resistance CFU result GFP function Culture picture
pETSXM2-pLacI-GFP f1, pBR322, repB-SXM 4626 Kan (50) 888 Yes
pETSXM2-proA-GFP f1, pBR322, repB-SXM 4290 Kan (50) 358 No
pETSXM2-proB-GFP f1, pBR322, repB-SXM 4395 Kan (50) 288 No
pSB1C3-repB-GFP pMB1, repB-SXM 4219 Cm (25) 1000 Yes
pSB1C3-GFP pMB1 3153 Cm (25) 4 Yes