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Table 4 Characteristics of the thermo-responsive ATPS

From: Polymerization of a new thermo-responsive copolymer with N-vinylcaprolactam and its application in recyclable aqueous two-phase systems with another thermo-responsive polymer

ATPS type System composition top/bottom Phase recovery state Partition coefficient References
Thermo-thermo 5%PVBAm/4%PN Solid 5.81/VB12 This study
Thermo-thermo 2%PVBAm/2%PN Solid 6.87/polylysine Xu et al. (2016)
Thermo-thermo 5%PNBAa/5%PNDB Solid 2.61/demeclocycline Hou and Cao (2014)
Thermo-thermo 5%PNE/5%PVAm Solid 0.33/cefprozil Hou et al. (2014)
Thermo-Starch 6%EOPO/13%Reppal PES100 Solid 5.86/lysoztme Persson et al. (2000)
Thermo-thermo 5%EOPO/5%HM-EOPO Solid 0.24/Apo Persson et al. (1999)
Thermo-salt 20%UCON(EO50PO50)/4.0%K2HPO4 Solution 0.238/laccase Moreiraa et al. (2013)
Thermo-salt 24%L44(EOPOEO)/20.0%K2HPO4 Solution /LBP Wang et al. (2015)
Affinity Thermo-Dextran 10%MAH-CD–NIPA/10% dextran T40 Solid 1.7/mandelic acid Tan et al. (2017)
Affinity Thermo-Dextran 9%poly-VI-VCL/5% starch S/AA Solid /R-Amylase Inhibitor Pietruszka et al. (2000)