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Fig. 7

From: Study on a two-component signal transduction system RimA1A2 that negatively regulates oxytetracycline biosynthesis in Streptomyces rimosus M4018

Fig. 7

Evaluation of the transcript levels of five genes oxyB, otrB, otcG, otcR and otrC by qRT-PCR of comparative analysis of the control strain M4018 (pIB-KA) (white square), the mutant strains M4018 (pIB-KA-rim) (square with upper right to lower left fill), M4018 Δrim (pIB-KA) (square with diagonal crosshatch fill) and M4018 Δrim (pIB-KA-rim) (square with upper right to lower left fill) when cultivated on MM with 50 mM gly (96 h). Genes expression in each sample were calculated as the fold expression ratio after normalization to the hrdB transcript as an internal control. The values are averages of three independent qRT-PCR experiments, error bars indicate standard deviation

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