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Table 4 Reduction of OTC production under osmotic or oxidative stress condition

From: Study on a two-component signal transduction system RimA1A2 that negatively regulates oxytetracycline biosynthesis in Streptomyces rimosus M4018

  M4018 (pIB-KA) M4018 (pIB-KA-rim) M4018 Δrim (pIB-KA) M4018 Δrim (pIB-KA-rim)
KCl (%) 39 21 78 38
H2O2 (%) 54 76 33 64
  1. M4018 (pIB-KA): parental strain M4018 with a control plasmid pIB-KA; M4018 (pIB-KA-rim): rimA1A2-overexpressed mutant derived from M4018; M4018 Δrim (pIB-KA): rimA1-disrupted mutant M4018 Δrim with a control plasmid pIB-KA; M4018 Δrim (pIB-KA-rim): rimA1A2-complemented mutant derived from M4018 Δrim