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Fig. 2

From: Improving the specific activity and pH stability of xylanase XynHBN188A by directed evolution

Fig. 2

Effects of temperature and pH on activity (a, c) and stability (b, d) of XynHBN188A217. Beechwood xylan (1%) was used as substrate for xylanases activity assay. The highest activity was taken as 100% in assay of optimum temperature and pH. The xylanase activity under optimal conditions was taken as 100% in thermostability and pH stability assays. The thermostability was tested by pre-incubation the enzyme at 60 °C. The pH stability was tested by diluting the purified enzyme with the different pH buffer and incubating at 4 °C for 12 h. Then the residual activity was measured at the optimal condition

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