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TableĀ 2 Distribution of lignin-degrading CAZymes among different classes of glycoside hydrolases, auxiliary activity and carbohydrate-binding modules

From: Systematic review of publicly available non-Dikarya fungal proteomes for understanding their plant biomass-degrading and bioremediation potentials

CAZymes involved in lignin degradation
AA1 Laccase; p-diphenol oxygen oxidoreductase; ferroxidase; laccase-like multicopper oxidase
AA2 Lignin peroxidase; manganese peroxidase; versatile peroxidase; peroxidase
AA3 Aryl-alcohol oxidase; alcohol oxidase; pyranose oxidase
AA4 Vanillyl alcohol oxidase
AA5 Alcohol oxidase; glyoxal oxidase; galactose oxidase
AA6 1,4-Benzoquinone reductase
AA8 Iron reductase
LPMO AA9; AA10; AA11; AA13; AA14; AA15
AA12 Pyrroloquinoline quinone-dependent oxidoreductase
CE1 Feruloyl esterase; cinnamoyl esterase
CE15 4-O-Methyl-glucuronoyl methylesterase
CE10 Aryl esterase; carboxyl esterase