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Table 5 Distribution of pectin-degrading CAZymes among different classes of glycoside hydrolases, auxiliary activity and carbohydrate-binding modules

From: Systematic review of publicly available non-Dikarya fungal proteomes for understanding their plant biomass-degrading and bioremediation potentials

CAZymes involved in pectin degradation
Polygalacturonase; exo-polygalacturonase; exo-poly-galacturonosidase; rhamnogalacturonase; rhamnogalacturonan α-1,2-galacturonohydrolase GH28
α-l-Rhamnosidase GH28; GH33; GH78; GH106
Exo-polygalacturonase GH4
Rhamnogalacturonan α-l-rhamnohydrolase GH78; GH106
α-l-Arabinofuranosidase GH2; GH3; GH10; GH43; GH51; GH54; GH62
Exo-α-l-1,5-arabinanase GH93
β-Galactosidase GH1; GH2; GH3; GH35; GH39; GH42; GH50; GH59; GH147
Pectate lyase PL1; PL2; PL3; PL9; PL10
Exo-pectate lyase PL1; PL2; PL9
Pectin lyase PL1
Rhamnogalacturonan endolyase PL4; PL9; PL11
Rhamnogalacturonan exolyase PL11; PL26
Oligogalacturonate lyase PL22
Pectin methylesterase CE8
Pectin acetylesterase; rhamnogalacturonan acetylesterase CE12
Pectin acetylesterase CE13
Acetylesterase CE6
Pectin-binding modules CBM41; CBM77
Galactan-binding modules CBM13; CBM32; CBM51; CBM61; CBM80
l-Rhamnose-binding modules CBM67
Arabinogalactan-binding modules CBM62