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Table 6 Distribution of starch- and inulin-degrading CAZymes among different classes of glycoside hydrolases, auxiliary activity and carbohydrate-binding modules

From: Systematic review of publicly available non-Dikarya fungal proteomes for understanding their plant biomass-degrading and bioremediation potentials

CAZymes involved in starch degradation
 α-Amylase GH13; GH14; GH57; GH119; GH126
 α-Glucosidase GH4; GH31; GH63; GH97; GH122
 Starch phosphorylase GT35
 Starch-binding modules CBM20; CBM21; CBM25; CBM26; CBM34; CBM45; CBM53; CBM69; CBM74; CBM82; CBM83
CAZymes involved in inulin degradation
 Endo-inulinase GH32
 Exo-inulinase GH32
 Inulin lyase GH91
 Inulin-binding module CBM38