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Table 2 Antidiabetic properties in terms of the α-glucosidase inhibition (%) of the lentil extracts obtained after 0 (nonfermented sample), 24, 48, 72 and 96 h of solid-state fermentation with A. oryzae LBA01 and A. niger LBA02

From: Solid-state fermentation as an efficient strategy for the biotransformation of lentils: enhancing their antioxidant and antidiabetic potentials

Time of reaction (min) α-glucosidase inhibition (%)
Nonfermented 24 h fermentation 48 h fermentation 72 h fermentation 96 h fermentation
A. oryzae A. niger A. oryzae A. niger A. oryzae A. niger A. oryzae A. niger
1 43ª 21ª 21ª 91a 34ª 66ª 32ª 33ª
2 33b 2b 15b 13b 90a 25b 62ª 23b 27b
3 26c − 3c 12c 6c 90a 18c 58ª, b 17b, c 21b, c
4 20c − 7c 9c, d 2d 90a 13d 55ª, b 12c 17c
5 16c − 9c 8d − 1d 90a 9e 53b 9c 14c
6 13d − 11c 7d − 3d 89a 6f 51b 6c 12c, d
7 11d − 12c 6d − 5d 89a 4f, g 50b 4c 11d
8 9d − 14c 6d − 6d 89a g 49b 2c 10d
9 8d − 14c 6d − 7d 88a g 48b 1c 9d
10 6e − 15c 6d − 8d 88a g 47b 0.3c 8d
  1. Results are presented as the mean (n = 3) and those with different letters are significantly different on the same column with p ≤ 0.05