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Table 3 Antidiabetic properties in terms of the α-amylase inhibition (%) of the lentil extracts obtained after 0 (nonfermented sample), 24, 48, 72 and 96 h of solid-state fermentation with A. oryzae LBA01 and A. niger LBA02

From: Solid-state fermentation as an efficient strategy for the biotransformation of lentils: enhancing their antioxidant and antidiabetic potentials

Fermentation time (h) A. oryzae A. niger
Enzyme activity (U/mL)1 α-amylase inhibition (%)2 Enzyme activity (U/mL)1 α-amylase inhibition (%)2
Control 13,600a 13,600a
0 3900c 71a 3700d 73a
24 3400c 75a 10,700c 21b, c
48 3700c 73a 11,400b 16d
72 10,200b 25b 11,000b, c 19c, d
96 10,900b 20b 11,700b 14d
  1. 1Results are expressed as mean (n = 3) and those with different letters are significantly different in the same column (p ≤ 0.05)
  2. 2α-amylase inhibition was calculated as a function of the values of enzyme activity obtained for the enzyme activity in the presence of samples (fermented or nonfermented) of sample in relation to the values of enzyme activity in the absence of samples (control)