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Table 3 The crystallinity index (CrI) of the obtained CNC in this study and comparing with the reported literature

From: Preparation and characterization of cellulose nanocrystal extracted from Calotropis procera biomass

MaterialsExtraction methodCrI (%)References
CNC from this studyAcid hydrolysis68.7This study
Calotropis procera fiber30.1This study
CNC from Soy hullsAcid hydrolysis71.5Neto et al. (2013)
CNC from PineAcid hydrolysis56.0Zhao et al. (2015)
CNC from corn huskAcid hydrolysis70.7Zhao et al. (2015)
CNC from rice huskAcid hydrolysis59.0Johar et al. (2012)