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Table 2 Mass balance of products from SCG through TCR® system and other technologies

From: Thermo-Catalytic Reforming of spent coffee grounds

SystemHeating rate (°C/min)Char (wt%)Gas (wt%)Condensateb (wt%)Bio-oil (wt%)Aqueous phase (wt%)References
TCR® at 500 °C200–30010.8035.1254.087.3346.75 
TCR® at 600 °C8.2636.8754.876.2248.65 
TCR® at 700 °C6.2852.1641.565.2336.33 
Fast pyrolysis, 450 °C to 600 °C40,00029–1713–20.257.3–46aaBok et al. (2012), Kelkar et al. (2015)
Slow pyrolysis50272127.2aaGalanakis (2017)
Catalytic pyrolysis, 500 °C to 700 °C1043.2–41.80.5–2256.5–36.2aaCho et al. (2017)
  1. aData are not available
  2. bBio-oil + aqueous phase