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Table 10 Fatty acid methyl ester profile of biodiesel from WO-RP

From: Response surface optimization of biodiesel yield from pre-treated waste oil of rendered pork from a food processing industry

Fatty acid profile as methyl estersMolecular formulaRelative wt%
Saturated Σ 32.4
 Lauric acidC12:00.10
 Myristic acidC14:01.33
 Palmitic acidC16:022.3
 Stearic acidC18:08.31
 Other 0.42
Monounsaturated Σ 52
 Oleic acidC18:1n9c49.1
 Palmitoleic acidC16:11.84
 Other 0.22
Polyunsaturated Σ 15.5
 Linoleic acidC18:2n6c14.9