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Table 11 Main peak of the FTIR spectrum of biodiesel and their assignment

From: Response surface optimization of biodiesel yield from pre-treated waste oil of rendered pork from a food processing industry

AssignmentWavelength peak, cm−1
C–H stretch (alkyl)2915–2935; 2845–28652920; 2849
C–O stretch (ester)1725–17501749
C=H stretch (carboxylic acid)1700–17251719
C–H bend (\({\text{CH}}_{2} /{\text{CH}}_{3}\))1425–14651460, 1440
C–H bend (\({\text{CH}}_{3}\))1370–13801370
Aryl-O stretch (aromatic ethers)1230–12701249
X-O group (\({\text{SO}}_{2}\))1180–12001200, 1180
C–H out of plane bend (aryl)670–900729