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Table 4 Fatty acid composition of waste oil of rendered pork

From: Response surface optimization of biodiesel yield from pre-treated waste oil of rendered pork from a food processing industry

Fatty acid profileMolecular formulaRelative wt%MW (g/mol)
Capric acidC10:00.11172.268
Lauric acidC12:00.14200.3178
Myristic acidC14:01.51228.3709
Palmitic acidC16:023.90256.4
Palmitoleic acidC16:12.91254.414
Heptadecanoic acidC17:00.21270.45
Stearic acidC18:09.40284.48
Oleic acidC18:1n9c46.70282.47
Linolenic acidC18:2n6c13.30278.436
y-linolenic acidC18:3n60.47278.436
Other 1.07