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Table 1 Medium nutrient concentrations used in Process A, Process B and Process C

From: Development of an intensified fed-batch production platform with doubled titers using N-1 perfusion seed for cell culture manufacturing

Medium typemAb/processMedia nameTotal amino acids (mM)Glucose (g/L)Osmolality (mOsm/kg)
BasalmAb1/Process A, mAb4/Process A, mAb3/Process BB1696300
mAb1/Process BB1 enriched19910380
mAb2/Process BB1 enriched211811410
mAb3/Process CB21036310
mAb4/Process CB2 enriched112210370
mAb1/Process C, mAb2/Process CB2 enriched213710425
FeedmAb1/Process A, mAb4/Process AF1344601310
mAb1/Process B1.3 × F1404781450
mAb2/Process B1.3 × F1 enriched1446781575
mAb3/Process B1.3 × F1 enriched2513801810
mAb1/Process CF24041101570
mAb3/Process C, mAb4/Process CF2 enriched15001202000
mAb2/Process C1.3 × F2 enriched26501562100