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Table 5 Experimental design for the study of effects of inoculation cell densities and media on mAb1 production in fed-batch 5-L bioreactors (n = 2)

From: Development of an intensified fed-batch production platform with doubled titers using N-1 perfusion seed for cell culture manufacturing

InoculumInoculation seeding density (SD) (× 106 cells/mL)1.53111931119
MediaBasalProcess A (B1)Process B (B1 enriched1)Process C (B2 enriched2)
FeedProcess A (F1)Process B (1.3 × F1)Process C (F2)
Feeding strategyDaily feed rate3.6% of initial volume
Feed start day3421421
Bioreactor conditionTemperature shift to 32 °CNADay 5Day 4Day 3Day 5Day 4Day 3