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Table 3 The pigment composition of N. oculata, T. suecica and Chlorella sp. obtained by extraction with 80% acetone and determined by spectrophotometer at absorbance 480, 663, 645 nm

From: Phytochemical screening, metabolite profiling and enhanced antimicrobial activities of microalgal crude extracts in co-application with silver nanoparticle

Microalgae Chlorophyll a (µg/mL) Chlorophyll b (µg/mL) Total Chlorophyll (µg/mL) Carotenoid (µg/
N. oculata 30.32 a 58.97 a 89.34 a 2.30 a
T. suecica 30.72 a 60.14 b 90.83 a 2.27 a
Chlorella sp. 27.70 b 26.9 c 54.59 b 2.31 a
  1. Each column with the same letters indicate not significantly different at p > 0.05