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Table 1 Performance of anaerobic co-digestion abattoir wastes with different substrates

From: Effect of carbon-rich-waste addition as co-substrate on the performance and stability of anaerobic digestion of abattoir wastewater without agitation

Co-digested substrate(s)

Operating conditions



Cattle slurry (manure) with fruit–vegetable waste (FVW) and chicken manure

Continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR); mesophilic temp; 21 days HRT; OLR 3.19–5.01 kg VS/m3 day

20–50% CH4 yield increment

Callaghana et al. (2002)

Manure, solid abattoir wastes (cattle and swine), and FVW

Semi-continuous stirred reactor; mesophilic temp; up to 1.3 kg VS/m3 day OLRT; 30 days HRT

By factory 5 biogas yield increment

Alvarez and Lidén (2008)

Rendering and abattoir solid wastes

CSTR; Lab-scale; semi-continuously fed; 35 and 55 °C temp; 1.0 and 1.5 kg VS/m3 day OLRs; 50 days HRT

0.262–0.572 m3 CH4/kg VS added

Bayr et al. (2012)

Solid cattle abattoir wastes (ASW), manure, various crops, and municipal solid wastes (MSW)

Anaerobic batch experiment; thermophilic (55 °C) for 70 days: different mixture ratios

31% increase of the expected CH4 yield at equal mixture of each substrates

Pagés-Díaz et al. (2014);

Pig abattoir wastes with sewage sludge

Batch and semi-continuous experiments; 35 °C Temp

>50% the methane yield exceeding than mono-digestion

Borowski and Kubacki (2015)

ASW with manure, various crops, and MSW in different mix ratios

Semi-continuous and batch operation mode

70–75% methane yield exceeding than mono-digestion

Pagés-Díaz et al. (2015)

Pasteurized abattoir waste, pig slurry (manure) and glycerine

CSTR; mesophilic temp; 21–33 days HRT; 0.8–3.2 kg COD/m3 day OLR

153% CH4 yield increment

(Rodríguez-Abalde et al. 2017)

Food waste (FW) with abattoir waste (AW) and sewage sludge(MSS)

Lab-scale reactor; semi-continuous operation; mesophilic conditions; 30 SRT

0.63 m3 CH4/kg VS fed for (FW+ AW)

Borowski et al. (2018)

0.46 m3 CH4/kg VS fed for (FW + MSS)

Pig abattoir by-products (5% pork by-products mixed with pig manure)

CSTR; batch and semi-continuously fed; 37 °C temp (mesophilic)

40% higher CH4 production compared to AD of manure alone

Hejnfelt and Angelidaki (2009)

FVW and abattoir wastewater (AWW)

Single-stage ASBR; mesophilic temp; 20 days HRT; 2.56 g TVS/l day OLR (30%FVW:70%AW)

75% biogas yield improved

Bouallagui et al. (2009b)

FVW, fish waste, AWW and waste activated sludge

ASBR; mesophilic temp; 10 days HRT; 2.46–2.51 g VS/l day OLR

43.8–51.5% biogas yield

Bouallagui et al. (2009a)

Olive mill wastewater with AWW

Upflow anaerobic filter; batch; mesophilic

44.2% more biogas yield of the mixture than AWW mono-digestion

Gannoun et al. (2007)

Cattle abattoir wastewater with FVW in different proportion

Unstirred two-staged ASBR; mesophilic temp; semi-continuous fed

70.26% more biogas yield and 57.11% VS reduction of the mixture than AWW mono-digestion

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