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Table 10 Moisture regain (%) of different textile fibres

From: Fibre attributes and mapping the cultivar influence of different industrial cellulosic crops (cotton, hemp, flax, and canola) on textile properties

Fibres Commercial moisture regain (%) at (105 ± 3)  °C Moisture regain (%) at 65% relative humidity and 20 °C
Canola 20–30a
Cotton 8.5b 7–8c
Flax 12b 7c
Hemp 12b 8c
Jute 13.75b 12c
Silk 11b 10c
Wool 13.6b 14c, 16–18c
  1. a Sevenhuysen and Rahman (2016); bASTM D1909 –13 (2013); c Morton and Hearle (2008)