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Table 2 Main types of polysaccharides present in hemicellulose (Alvarez et al. 2016; Zhou et al. 2017; Naidu et al. 2018; Singh et al. 2018)

From: Carbohydrate-binding modules targeting branched polysaccharides: overcoming side-chain recalcitrance in a non-catalytic approach

Type Backbone Side chaina Biological origin
Arabinoxylan β-1,4-Xyl ɑ-(1,2)/(1,3)-Ara Herbage
Glucuronoxylan β-1,4-Xyl ɑ-(1,2)-GlcAOMe Hardwood
Arabinoglucuronoxylan β-1,4-Xyl ɑ-(1,2)/(1,3)-Ara and ɑ-(1,2)-GlcAOMe Herbage
Xyloglucan β-1,4-Glc ɑ-(1,6)-Xyl, ɑ-(1,2)-Fuc, ɑ-(1,3)-Gal, et al Extensive
Glucomannan β-1,4-Man/Glc Rare Softwood
Galactoglucomannan β-1,4-Man/Glc ɑ-(1,6)-Gal Softwood
  1. aThis column only displays the carbohydrate side chains of hemicellulose