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Table 1 A literature survey on effect of cell adhesion in various process applications

From: Surface energetics to assess influence of biomass-type and biomass–adsorbent interactions in expanded beds

Application area Effects of cell adhesion References
Water systems Contamination of purified water. Blockage of valves and entrapment of particles in waste water pipeline Melo and Bott (1997)
Food related Processing equipment are prone to contamination leads to germ-infested products Simões et al. (2010), Verran (2002)
Maritime Reduce the speed, increase fuel consumption and maintenance cost and ultimately mechanical failure Callow and Callow (2002)
Oil Damage of underwater cable and piping, platform wreckage Sanders and Sturman (2005)
Paper Operation failure and in a loss of product quality Flemming et al. (2013)
Health Dental plaque, infection with contact lens Saini et al. 2011)
Industrial bioprocessing Fouling of filtration membranes, fouling of EBA adsorbents, increase process cost Thommes (1998), Naz (2015)