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Table 1 Classification of pectinases

From: Pectinolytic lyases: a comprehensive review of sources, category, property, structure, and catalytic mechanism of pectate lyases and pectin lyases

Enzyme E.C. no Substrate Reaction type Products
PE PME EC3.1.1.11 Pectin Deesterification Pectic acid + methanol
PAE EC3.1.1.6 Pectin Deesterification Pectic acid methanol
Depolymerases Hydrolases Endo-PG EC3.2.1.15 Pectic acid Hydrolysis Oligogalacturonates
Exo-PG1 EC3.2.1.67 Pectic acid Hydrolysis Monogalacturonates
Exo-PG2 EC3.2.1.82 Pectic acid Hydrolysis Digalacturonates
Lyase Endo-PGL EC4.2.2.2 Pectic acid Trans-elimination Unsaturated oligogalacturonates
Exo-PGL EC4.2.2.9 Pectic acid Trans-elimination Unsaturated digalacturonates
Endo-PMGL EC4.2.2.10 Pectin Trans-elimination Unsaturated methyloligogalacturonates
PPase    Protopectin Hydrolysis Pectin
  1. PE pectin esterase, PME pectin methyl esterase, PAE pectin acetyl esterase, PG polygalacturonase, PGL polygalacturonate lyase, PMGL polymethylgalacturonate lyase, PPase protopectinase