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Table 4 The catalytic mechanism of partial PMGL and PGLs

From: Pectinolytic lyases: a comprehensive review of sources, category, property, structure, and catalytic mechanism of pectate lyases and pectin lyases

Enzyme PDB Neutralizer Base Acid Structure Reference
PGL 2EWE Ca2+ Arg218 H2O β-helix Scavetta et al. (1999)
PMGL 1QCX Arg176 Arg236 H2O (α/α)7-barrel Vitali et al. (1998)
PGL 2V8K Mn2+ Arg171 H2O β-helix Abbott and Boraston (2007)
PGL 3B8Y Ca2+ Lys224 H2O β-helix Creze et al. (2008)
PGL 1RU4 Ca2+ Lys273 H2O β-helix Jenkins et al. (2004)
PGL 1GXO Ca2+ Arg524 H2O (α/α)3-barrel Charnock et al. (2002)