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Fig. 4

From: Current perspective on production and applications of microbial cellulases: a review

Fig. 4

(adapted and modified from Ferreira et al. 2018)

Techno-economic aspect of cellulase production: a generic flowsheet of a cellulase production process with filamentous fungi [adapted with permission (Ferreira et al. 2021)]. b Cost contributors of enzyme production in (Swedish kronor) SEK/L ethanol. A, A+: pretreated liquid fraction, B, B+: pretreated liquid fraction and molasses and C1, C2, C3: pretreated liquid fraction and pressed pretreated slurry with a total WIS content of 1%, 2% and 3%; +: 1.5-fold specific activity (adapted from Barta et al. 2010). c Composition of the enzyme cost for recombinant β-glucosidase production using the baseline scenario

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