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Table 4 Patents deposited by different inventors/institutions concerning different applications of laccases

From: Laccases as green and versatile biocatalysts: from lab to enzyme market—an overview

Title of patent Applications Laccase form used Immobilization method Current Assignee Inventors and Patent number
Co-immobilized enzyme and preparation method and application there of Wastewater treatment Immobilized Immobilization is carried out by combining an embedding method and a physical adsorption method Xiamen University of Technology, 2019 Haiyan F, Yuezheng J, Yicheng W, Hongda Z, Zheng L, Jianzhen L, Dongyang W (CN110628756)
Hollow mesoporous carbon immobilized laccase and preparation method Removal ciprofloxacin dye wastewater Immobilized Physical adsorption method or a covalent binding method (or laccase carries out agglomeration in the inner cavity) Hunan University, 2018 Zhifeng L, Binbin S, Guangming Z, Zhigang L, Yang L, Yujie J, Yilin T (CN107893066)
Immobilization of enzymes Organic synthesis Immobilized Adsorption immobilization Novozymes AS, 2016 Mazeaud I, Poulsen PBR, Christensen MW, Brask J (US 9303.256 B2)
Method for preparing MGO-laccase Decolorization of a malachite green dye Immobilized Covalent linkage Nanjing Ligong Shuifu Environmental Protection Technology; Nanjing Forestry University, 2019 Weichuan Q, Hai L, Bo F (CN110195053)
Method for utilizing laccase to dispose printing and dyeing wastewater Disposal of printing and dyeing wastewater Immobilized Active carbon granule immobilization, the resin immobilization and the epoxidation PVA immobilization Fuzhou University, 2019 Jie Y, Zhiwei L, Juan L, Xiuyun Y (CN109652389)
Method of degradation and inactivation of antibiotics in water by immobilized enzymes onto functionalized supports Degradation of the cyclin family (tetracycline, oxytetracycline (OTC) and chlortetracycline) whose penicillin (amoxicillin), cephalosporin (cefdinir) and carbapenem (imipenem) Immobilized Covalent linkage or gel entrapment Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), 2020 Bonot S, Cauchie HM (CN10538443)
Co-crosslinking immobilization method of laccase Improve catalytic capacity Immobilized Co-crosslinking immobilization University of Nottingham Ningbo China, 2020 Jiaqin W, Ruifeng Z, Yan L, Tonghu X, Nengbing L (CN110760502)
Preparation method of ultrafiltration membrane with in-situ immobilization of laccase and treatment method of phenolic wastewater Wastewater treatment with phenolic compounds Immobilized In situ laccase immobilized ultrafiltration membrane Anhui Polytechnic University, 2018 Hai T, Chen Z, Qiang L, Haonan Z, Baoyu Q, Jianping X (CN109012219)
Process for isolating ligninolytic-enzyme-producing microorganisms from agro-industrial waste, process for producing lignin derivatives, a cosmetic hair-dying agent and enzymes, a cosmetic hair-straightening agent and a cosmetic hair-dying composition Cosmetic composition for hair dyeing Free-form Rosa Maria Teixeira Tage Biaggio, 2018 Rosa Maria Teixeira Tage Biaggio (WO2019227191A1)
A novel hair bleaching method A hair bleaching method combining laccase pretreatment with oxygen bleaching Free-form Nantong University, 2018 Jia Weini, Mao Qinghui, Qu Jiangang, Wang Haifeng, Wang Wei; Zhang Chencheng, Zhang Xiaoli (CN108570849A)
Modified laccase soaping agent for cotton fabric soaping and preparation method thereof A modified laccase soaping agent for cotton fabric soaping Free-form Suzhou Dabang Textile CO LTD, 2019 Zhang Zhanhui (CN111593588A)
Detergents with improved detergent power, containing at least one laccase Use of specific laccases during the washing of textiles Free-form Henkel AG & CO KGAA, 2018 Mussmann Nina, O'connell Timothy, Herbst Daniela, Prüser Inken, Berger Ralf G, Linke Diana, Behrens Christoph (EP3303572)
Novel laccase from Ganoderma lucidum capable of enhancing enzymatic degradation of lignocellulolytic biomass Degradation of lignocellulolytic biomass Free-form Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, 2018 Anna Sitarz, Jørn Dalgaard Mikkelsen, Anne Meyer, Mateusz Lezyk (US20180030420)
Laccases for bio-bleaching bio-bleaching and decolorization of wood pulp Free-form Basf Enzymes LLC, San Diego, CA (US); BASF SE, Ludwigshafen am Rhein (DE), 2016 Janne Samuli KeroVuo, Sylke Haremza, Oliver Koch, Tilo Habicher, Dan E. Robertson, Grace Desantis, Ryan McCann, Peter Luginbuhl (US20160237411)
  1. Data were obtained from WIPO and EPO databases