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Table 2 S. cerevisiae strains used and constructed in this study

From: Selective biosynthesis of retinol in S. cerevisiae

Strain name Parent strain Genotype/description Source
Ycarot-02 BY4741 Δho::TTPS1-tHMG1-PGAL7-PGAL2-CrtYB-TPGK1-TCYC1-CrtI-PGAL1-PGAL10-CrtE03M-TADH1, Δgal1-7::TADH1-CrtYB-PGAL10-PGAL1-CrtI-TCYC1, Δgal80::LEU Brachmann et al. (2016), Zhou et al. (2017)
Y03 Ycarot-02 Δlpp1::PGAL1-BLH-TCYC1 This study
Y03-11 Y03 Δdpp1::PGAL7-CrtE03M-TTPS1 This study
Y03-12 Y03 PERG9::PHXT1 This study
Y03-13 Y03 Δrox1 This study
Y03-14 Y03 Δmot3 This study
Y03-15 Y03 Δypl062w This study
Y03-111 Y03-11 PERG9::PHXT1 This study
Y03-112 Y03-11 Δrox1 This study
Y03-113 Y03-11 Δmot3 This study
Y03-21 Y03 Δdpp1::PGAL2-YMR315W-TPGK1 This study
Y03-211 Y03 Δdpp1::TTPS1-YMR315W-PGAL7-PGAL2-tPOS5-TPGK1 This study
Y03-22 Y03 Δdpp1::PGAL2-ZWF1-TPGK1 This study
Y03-221 Y03 Δdpp1::TTPS1-ZWF1-PGAL7-PGAL2-tPOS5-TPGK1 This study
Y03-23 Y03 Δdpp1::PGAL2-STB5-TPGK1 This study
Y03-24 Y03 Δdpp1::PGAL2-POS5-TPGK1 This study
Y03-25 Y03 Δdpp1::PGAL2-tPOS5-TPGK1 This study
Y03-251 Y03 Δmot3::PGAL10-tPOS5-TADH1 This study
Y03-252 Y03 Δmot3::TADH1-tPOS5-PGAL10-PGAL1-CrtE03M-TCYC1 This study
Y03-31 Y03 Δdpp1::PGAL7-AKR-TTPS1 This study
Y03-32 Y03 Δdpp1::PGAL7-AKR1B10-TTPS1 This study
Y03-33 Y03 Δdpp1::PGAL7-ybbO-TTPS1 This study
Y03-331 Y03 Δdpp1:: TTPS1-ybbO-PGAL2-PGAL7-ybbO-TTPS1 This study
Y03-34 Y03 Δdpp1::PGAL7-ENV9-TTPS1 This study
Y03-341 Y03 Δdpp1:: TTPS1-ENV9-PGAL2-PGAL7-ENV9-TTPS1 This study
Y03-342 Y03 Δdpp1:: TTPS1-ybbO-PGAL2-PGAL7-ENV9-TTPS1 This study
Y03-35 Y03 Δdpp1::PGAL7-SPS19-TTPS1 This study
Y03-36 Y03 Δdpp1::PGAL7-IFA38-TTPS1 This study
Y03-37 Y03 Δdpp1::PGAL7-YMR226C-TTPS1 This study
Y03-38 Y03 Δenv9 This study
Y03-41 Y03 Δmot3::TADH1-tPOS5-PGAL10-PGAL1-ENV9-TCYC1 This study
Y03-42 Y03-41 Δdpp1::PGAL7-CrtE03M-TTPS1 This study
Y03-43 Y03-41 Δdpp1::PGAL2-CrtE03M-TPGK1-PGAL7-ybbO-TTPS1 This study
Y03-43( +) Y03-43 met15::MET15, his3::HIS3, ura3::URA3 This study