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Table 3 Identification of sequences retrieved from fragments of PCR-DGGE analysis

From: Impact of sheep wool residues as soil amendments on olive beneficial symbionts and bacterial diversity

DGGE fragment Identity (%) Organism Genebank accession number
C6 96.60 Chryseolinea soli strain KIS68-18 NR_165708
C7 99.29 Uncultured Acidobacteria clone TGRWLFZ-16 s-SSe277 KT122188.1
WW8 97.16 Blastocatella fastidiosa strain A2-16 NR_118350
WW9 96.00 Uncultured Acidobacteria HM062184.1
WW18 98.96 Uncultured Ohtaekwangia sp. clone CS11 JQ771967
WW19 98.72 Massilia buxea strain WS8 MN733092.1
WW20 97.20 Uncultured Beta proteobacterium clone 4y-82 FJ444753.1
WW21 97.96 Uncultured Acidobacteriaceae AM935718.1
WW25 95.21 Uncultured Acidobacteriaceae HE860923.1
WW26 98.74 Uncultured Ohtaekwangia sp. clone CS15 JQ771971.1
WW27 94.22 Uncultured Acidobacteria bacterium clone KF4-062 JF521709.1
BW1 98.80 Uncultured Saprospiraceae clone A9-33 AM940634
BW3 97.78 Algoriphagus terrigena strain DS-44 NR_043616
BW4 97.60 Uncultured Ohtaekwangia sp. clone CS12 JQ771968.1
BW5 96.18 Dongia sp. clone SBROB5_53 LN555051
BW7 98.29 Massilia aerilata strain A3-3 JF496341
BW8 98.53 Uncultured Blastocatella sp. clone SBK39 KM108665.1
BW10 93.97 Beta proteobacterium Schreyahn AOB SSU Aster 2 AY795686.2
BW12 99.18 Chryseolinea sp. strain A1X2S18 MW546106
BW15 98.58 Ramlibacter monticola strain G-3-2 NR_159166
BW16 95.17 Uncultured Chloroflexi FM253679
BW21 94.00 Uncultured Acidobacteria JQ026742.1
BW23 97.98 Uncultured Acidobacteria clone GASP-WB2S3_E12 EF074059.1
BW25 96.60 Massilia frigida strain CCM 8757/M. rubra strain P7271 MN612048/MN612022
  1. C untreated soil, WW white wool, BW black wool