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Table 1 The comparison of the protein expression systems of B. subtilis with different promoters

From: A facile and robust T7-promoter-based high-expression of heterologous proteins in Bacillus subtilis

Promoter Inducer Characteristics References
PxylA Xylose Strictly controlled by XylR repressor, and the protein expression was inhibited by glucose (Bhavsar et al. 2001; Kim et al. 1996)
PmalA Maltose Positively regulated by the transcriptional regulator MalR, and was repressed by glucose via CcpA and catabolite responsive elements (Yang et al. 2006; Yue et al. 2017)
PspaS Subtilin The level of expression depended directly on the amount of inducer (subtilin) used, not subject to catabolite control (Bongers et al. 2005)
Pgcv Glycine The glycine tandem riboswitch was used to obtain regulatable expression of recombinant proteins (Phan and Schumann 2007)
Pspac IPTG Fused the 5ʹ-sequence of a promoter from the B. subtilis phage SPO1 and the 3ʹ-sequences of the E. coli lac promoter including its operator region (Yansura and Henner 1984)
Pgrac IPTG Fused groES promoter and lacO operon and optimization of nucleotides at the conserved regions of the groESL promoter (Phan et al. 2012, 2006; Tran et al. 2020)